Post boxes and security locks

November 18, 2021
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Post boxes and security locks

Being a homeowner, you need a sturdy and secure post box to store your mail safety. The post office won’t guarantee that the mail won’t be damaged and so you need to have a safe place for the mail to be stored.
Although, digital revolution has just changed the way we send and receive information. But you can’t send everything digitally. Your bills, invoices, delivery of new stock, supplies, or even spare parts of office machinery need a secure post box.
Beside that a post box is one of the first thing visitors and passerby see, so it’s always good to choose a post box that securely holds important mail and adds a bit of appeal to your property.
So, if you’re annoyed of dumped mails, here’s how a secure and robust mail box can be a handy addition:

How to fix a post box on the wall?
Wall-mounted post-boxes are now popular as they keep your posts safe and secure than a traditional door letterbox. You can mount the letterbox with nails and screws but if you’re not comfortable with drilling or anchoring, you can use sticky mounting tape on the back of the post box to attach it on the brick, wood, metal, tile, stone, and glass.
For the tape, you just need to apply a strip of sticking tape on each edge of the letterbox. Just cut and apply the strips on all the edges. Now firmly press the adhesive tape and wait for at least an hour to let it bond with the metal post box. Now remove the backing tape for the double-siding tape to reveal the adhesive face. Press the post box firmly with the wall to secure it.

How secure are the postboxes by Burg Watcher – Sterling?

Burg Watcher
Burg Watcher holds a name of trust in supplying different types of post boxes including wall-mounted, galvanized, waterproof, and many other. The post boxes by Burg Watcher are weather-resistant and tough providing a secure lockable post box. The galvanized steel classic design provides extra security and stunning design. The designs by Burg Watcher includes outward opening letter flap for improvement weather resistant and drop front to access mail securely and easily. If you need multiple post boxes together you can use the nameplate feature for identification.

Available in different colors, the post boxes by Sterling Burg-Watcher are strong galvanized and elegant design that is best for modern homes. You can easily and quickly retrieve posts by drop down front door. The specially designed narrow post slot provides extra security against post being removed from the post box. You can unlock the drop front style door to retrieve the mails. The brand offers stylish embossed and modern designs and you can add a name plat window to customize. The post boxes come with guarantee of upto 10 years.

Types of post boxes to buy?

• Postboxes with keys
• Small compact post boxes
• Classic post boxes
• Luxury post boxes,
• Waterproof postboxes

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